Certified Color Consulting 

What is the light like in your home, is it warm or cool?  Does it affect the colors you have in your space? How do you match up the right colors? Should you paint your room pale blue, grey or khaki?  Have a bunch of color samples but nothing is speaking to you?  It's time to work with certified color consultant M. Jane Johnson. 

I will assess your space and determine which colors work for you. Do you have warm light or a cool light? What tones and hues work better in the room? Do you need grey undertones or warmer undertones. The trained eye of a certified color consultant can discern these issues quickly.   

Who better to know what is the right color then an artist?  We KNOW color! With a strong sense and memory for color, I can quickly help you solve your color dilemma! Start with one room, or work with your whole house to make one room flow perfectly in to the next.   

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